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Host / Partners

Institution of Engineers Rwanda

“The Institution of Engineers Rwanda(IER), started in 2008 as a learned society of the engineering profession with an aim to promote and develop engineering services and best practice for sustainable development of our country. This was in line with the government’s commitment to promoting science and technology for national development.”

All these proved difficult to be achieved without appropriate legal framework until 2012 when the law No. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012 was established and enacted by the Parliament. This will not only be used as a tool to achieve the targeted goals but also will be a forum to harmonize engineering services and activities within the country, the East African Community and the world at large.

World Federation of Engineering Organizations

The World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) is the peak body for engineering, representing nearly 100 nations and 30 million engineers. It is the voice of engineering at an international level and promotes the important role of engineers in key issues that the world is now facing, sustainable development, the growth of our cities, climate change and strategies for sustainable energy production to meet the needs to the growing population around the world.

The World Federation of Engineering Organisations is recognized by the United Nations and its agencies, government, intergovernmental organizations, international NGOs and the public in general as a respected and reliable source of advice and guidance on strategies and policies that use engineering and technology for the benefit of human development and well being and sustainable outcomes. It is one of the ten leading organizations in science and technology at the international level and is co-chair of the High-Level Political Forum at the United Nations, providing advice on Science Technology and Innovation.

Global Engineering Conference (GEC) is one of the key events for WFEO, bringing the world's engineers together to discuss the important issues that relate to engineering. WFEO is proud to co-host the Global Engineering Conference with the Institution of Engineers Rwanda. This conference shall be held from 26th to 30th October 2020.

In particular, the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a key objective of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and is a key focus of GEC 2020.

For more information, visit the WFEO website and watch the highlights from WECC 2019.


To initiate programs to develop, rehabilitate and maintain an efficient and integrated national transport infrastructure network, including roads, bridges, airports, railways, and water transportation which will contribute towards economic development and regional integration;

To initiate, develop and facilitate urban development programs with a view to providing affordable shelter with due regard to adequate water and sanitation facilities for the population and promote grouped settlement (Imidugudu);

To initiate programs aimed at increasing access to affordable energy, water and sanitation, and transport infrastructure and related services for the population;

To ensure that the development of policies and strategies concerning national infrastructure are in line with regional integration and harmonization policies with the EAC;

Rwanda Housing Authority

Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) is a public institution based in Rwanda under the ministry of infrastructure, established to organize the construction industry as a whole to Regulate Housing, urbanization, construction, and government assets management policies for sustainable development.